Being Muslim Being British

We received a grant from the Home Office for the further development of the Being Muslim Being British (BMBB) educational initiative, originally sponsored by the Home Office and the EC, and researched and produced by the Psychology & Religion Research Group (PRRG) at the University of Cambridge. This included an 8-session DVD, uniquely drawing upon psychological research relevant to violent radicalisation.

This further work involved the recruitment and training of facilitators to lead BMBB pilot courses for the pre and post testing of the effectiveness of BMBB in raising the levels of integrative complexity in young Muslim participants. These pilots served the dual purpose of introducing the course to young Muslim groups around the country and training facilitators at the same time.

Work on BMBB has been the springboard for a wide range of educational programmes combatting extremism. Sara Savage was the lead researcher in this area, and Ryan Williams was also involved. For subsequent work arising from this project, see

Faith Development in a Persecution Context

We received a grant from Open Doors International to fund a pilot research project into faith development in the context of persecution, on which Eolene Boyd-Macmillan was the lead researcher.

The Panacea Society

We have also supported completion of a project on the Panacea Society by Alastair Lockhart and Fraser Watts. Alastair is preparing a monograph for publication on the healing work of the Panacea Society. Fraser has published a paper with Ryan Williams on attributions among correspondents with the Panacea Society, and a further paper is under review on persistence in the use of healing water.