We received a generous grant from the Mulberry Trust to update the Beta Course; they originally supported the development of the course. This has enabled us to develop a new version using up-to-date methods of dissemination, with the same objectives of ‘Being Christian – Becoming whole – Building community’.

Project Co-ordinator: Fraser Watts

Presenters: Sara Savage and Roger Bretherton

Film-maker: Nick Devenish

The course is in three modules, with three sessions in each module, and four film clips (4-5 minutes each) for each session. 

The structure of the course is:

Module One: Personal Issues

  • Stress and Coping                                                                 
  • Depression                                                                           
  • Loss and Death       

Module Two: Relationships and Community

  • Personal Relationships                                                        
  • Community                                                                                                   
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation         

Module Three: Spirituality and Religion

  • Sin and Salvation                                                                  
  • Suffering and Wholeness                                        
  • God and Self  
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Living Deeply is also available in the form of a book by Fraser Watts, published by Lutterworth Press.