Director and Company Secretary

Professor Fraser Watts

Visiting Professor of Science and Religion, University of Lincoln

(formerly Reader in Theology and Science, University of Cambridge)

Fraser Watts

CIAPR Board of Trustees

Professor Fraser Watts, University of Lincoln (Chair)

Dr Roger Bretherton, University of Lincoln

Dr Ryan Williams, University of Cambridge

‪CIAPR Senior Research Fellows

Dr Roger Bretherton

Principal Lecturer for Enterprise, University of Lincoln

‪Dr Alastair Lockhart

Fellow of Hughes Hall, Cambridge

‪Dr Sara Savage

Senior Research Associate, University of Cambridge

‪Dr Léon Turner

Senior Research Associate, International Society for Science and Religion

CIAPR Research Associates

Mark Argent

Independent scholar working on spirituality and psychoanalysis

Victor Counted

School of Social Sciences and Psychology, Western Sydney University, Australia.

Nick Devenish

Vicar, Cartmel Priory, Cumbria.

Galen Watts

Cultural Studies Graduate Program, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario